Best Popup Cart Plugins for WordPress

Do you want to add popups to your website to increase visitors and grow your business?

Are you looking for the best WordPress popup plugins for creating email lists and promoting special offers and sales?

Popups had a bad reputation in terms of invading user experience in the past. But now, they can be instrumental because of their high conversion potential while not sacrificing user experience.

Luckily, with the right WordPress popup plugins, you can take advantage of the potential of high-converting popups without scaring off users.

Before diving into the tools, look at the features to see if the plugin meets your needs.

Things to Consider in a WordPress Popup Plugin

A functional drag-and-drop editor.

Clear and easy-to-use drag and drop is one of the things that sets the best WordPress popup plugins apart from others. With easy customization, popups match the look and feel of your site, which tends to build client trust.


Performance is another problem with many WordPress popup plugins. Since many WordPress popup plugins use WordPress to track analytics, this increases the server load and slows down your site.

As you know, low page speed affects your SEO ranking. That’s why you need a WordPress popup plugin that offers powerful changes without slowing down your WordPress site.

Advanced Targeting Options

The ability to control which user groups see which ads are needed to get the most out of your popups. This ensures that your users only see the relevant messages, avoiding the annoyance of seeing a lot of inappropriate popups on the website.

It’s worth checking out what pricing options the WordPress popup plugin offers in different price brackets. To access additional features and targeting options, you may need to pay for a particular version of the popup plugin.

Compatibility with Chosen Hosting

It would be best to ensure that the WordPress popup plugin of your choice works with your WordPress hosting environment.

Many popup plugins are poorly coded, so their advanced features, like A/B testing and reporting, won’t work with the most advanced solutions used by many hosting companies.

The goal of using popup plugins for WordPress is to help you increase the number of subscribers to your email list, ultimately contributing to more significant revenue.

Top 5 Best WordPress Popup Plugins

Now that you have an idea of things to consider in a great WordPress popup plugin tool, below are our top five picks:

1. OptinMonster

OptinMonster Popup Builder is one of the freemium WordPress popup plugins. It allows you to create different popups, including lightboxes, floating planets, and slides. In addition, you can create popup games, timelines, and welcome mats.

With OptinMonster, you can create custom popups using the drag-and-drop builder. These messages may include animation and even sound effects. You can also customize the display of popups based on the user’s location, past behavior, and activity on your site.

However, what makes OptinMonster better is creating custom rules to target your popups to the right people and content. There are also applicable rules for eCommerce stores.

2. WooCommerce Popup Cart

WooCommerce Popup Cart is the best popup plugin for an eCommerce site. The plugin is intuitive that offers a user-friendly interface. The plugin gives you the option to continue browsing the store meanwhile you can add everything to your cart without going to the main page.

Customers don’t have to wait for the product page to reload. The item added to the cart is immediately displayed with the “View Cart” and “Checkout” buttons so that shoppers can choose where to navigate.

WooCommerce Popup Cart allows you to add recommended products by category or product and resell them in a popup. This feature encourages the customer to add more items to the cart to increase the value of the order and purchase.

3. Elementor Popups

Create stunning popups with the popular Elementor page builder plugin and their Popup Builder feature. Elementor popups use the same interface as the page builder, allowing you to use the same widgets and styling options in your popups, such as buttons, timestamps, email subscription forms, and more. Similar to many other plugins, this one offers many forms of plugins, such as popup and full-screen plugins.

With more than 100 beautiful templates, this popup builder allows you to create customized options for specific WordPress pages (sections, tags, bookmarks, etc.) with various features. To choose from, click, time, scroll, sit, and target.

The Elementor popup plugin is an excellent choice for professional designers. You don’t need programming experience to create unique popups for your users. Here’s another plugin to help you do it.

4. HubSpot WordPress Plugin

The HubSpot plugin for WordPress is one of the best WordPress popup plugins that are free to use.

If you’re looking for one of the best WordPress plugins that won’t cost you a dime, consider using HubSpot’s Free WordPress Popup Plugin. HubSpot offers a variety of marketing tools, including CRM, live chat, and a handy popup builder.

With HubSpot, you can choose from various forms, including drop-down banners, templates, and simple popups.

You can target HubSpot popups based on page URLs, visitor behavior, exit intent, time, or traffic. In addition, you can display thank you messages and send follow-up emails when users enter their information in popups.

This is the best option for easy sorting. You have a flair for design, different models to work with, or the ability to design from scratch. You can easily create any popup with this plugin.

5. Popup Maker

Popup Maker is a plugin that you need to effortlessly boost your conversion and generate income while building an email list without hassle.

In addition to many types of popups, Popup Maker offers a built-in plugin that allows you to customize the design of your popups.

The plugin also supports integration with popular builder services such as WPForms and Ninja Forms.

To simplify your email list, Popup Maker provides integration with email marketing services such as HubSpot and Constant Contact. Several trigger options and cookie settings can help you target specific visitors to increase conversions.


WordPress popup plugins are essential for converting your visitors into loyal customers. Trust me; you won’t be able to win regular customers in a few days. That’s why you need special tricks!

In this case, I tried to compare the best WordPress popup plugins on the market for you! It will be easier for you to choose the exemplary service depending on your business goals.

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