10 Best Google My Business Plugins for WordPress

Do you own an online business & want to collect reviews about it? Create a Google My Business profile!!

Google My Business is an easy, personalized, and free way to get connected with customers. It supports a business to become prominent with a free Business Profile.

With this tool, the business can appear across Google Maps and search. It lets your website page get categorized on Google so that people can find you & give reviews.

You can write posts for business offers, updates, etc., with Google My Business. Therefore, it makes sense to share your WordPress blog pages and post. All you need to accomplish it is the best Google My Business plugin.

In the blog, we have provided you with the best Google My Business plugins for WordPress. You can install the one that is most adequate for your business.

The best Google My business plugins for WordPress are as follows:

1. Plugin for Google Reviews

Plugin for Google Reviews is the best plugin for your Google My Business profile. It shows users’ reviews on the WordPress website. The plugin is credible as it includes an API supported by Google.

It is perfect for automatic updates, cross-platform performance, new reviews, and sync changes. The plugin supports multi-languages and dark mode. With this plugin, you can display reviews either through any page builder or shortcodes.

2. We’re open

A simple and feature-rich WordPress plugin is We’re Open. It let you add working hours on your business site. You can set a temporary closing time, special day time, and regular hours of opening.

We-re Open offers you powerful customization to set your business working hours. For instance, you can set multiple time & date formats, add timings in local languages, and much more.

The best part of the plugin is it easily gets integrated with Google My Business. This aids you to display all complex timings you created for proper and updated information.

3. Widgets for Google Reviews

It is true that user-generated content is better than other content. Particularly, when the content praises you and your business. That’s what reviews do!

The plugin widgets for Google Reviews exports reviews from the Google My Business page. It let you show them on your site as a widget. On the other side, it supports pagination, prompt loading time, and more.

You can choose the best widget style and design for your site as the plugin offers varieties of them.

The plugin supports eminent page builders such as Gutenberg. It also supports sites with dark themes and shortcodes.

4. Post to Google My Business

The best plugin for your Google My Business account is “Post to Google My Business”. It let you integrate your WordPress site with your Google My Business profile. You can instantly edit/create posts from your WordPress dashboard.

The plugin offers you benefits such as adding templates, SEO, etc. This supports you to enhance the popularity of your online business. It has an OAuth authentication and uses the official Google My Business plugin to guard your Google account. It also provides support for multisite and translation. The plugin is adaptable to all page builders.

5. Blog2Social

Are you finding management and social media marketing solutions for your site? Go with Blog2Social.

The plugin helps you to schedule & automate your posts on Google My Business. You can add a post on social networking platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. It provides you with a method to manage & view all your social media on your WordPress site. You can easily manage, reuse, and modify content as per the platform.

6. WP Google My Business Auto Publish

Another useful plugin is WP Google My Business Auto Publish. It helps you to integrate your Google My Business profile with WordPress. The plugin is lightweight and free. You can publish pages, posts, etc., to your Google My Business from WordPress.

With this plugin, you can create content from your WordPress for Google Business page. You can schedule & post it as per your choice. The plugin lets you create event posts with the start and end time. These posts can be for special days and events.

What’s more? You can use the plugin’s official API for Google My Business. It will automatically change your images & posts into feature images with a push button. You can add or set locations for each post as it supports multiple locations for a store.

7. Rating & Reviews-Google My business

Unlike the above plugins, it is a more reliable Google My Business solution. The plugin gathers reviews from Google My Business of your online business. It shows them in blocks, lists, and many other ways. The plugin supports your site visitors to share their reviews.

The Rating & Reviews- Google My Business comes with 250 themes. It includes bubbles, badges, and much more to make your site review section impressive. You can show reviews by using it.

With this plugin, you can have shortcodes support, live previews, and options to hide reviews.

8. Reviews block for Google

The best and most useful plugin to display user reviews is “Reviews Blocks for Google.” You can put up to 5 reviews, working hours, directions, and locations. Additionally, you can put a custom image on the review background.

The plugin supports you to select, hide, and display reviews from WooCommerce, Facebook, and more.

9. WP Google Review Slider

Google Review Slider for WordPress is a plugin with simple integration. It enables you to add your reviews of Google My Business as posts or sliders on your WordPress site. You can add reviews in a list or grid form.

The plugin paid package offers you various features. You can have a front-end form submission, multiple languages, and more. You can also combine the plugin with other services such as WooCommerce, Airbnb, etc.

10. Strong Testimonials

Do you need a plugin that aids you to post testimonials & reviews on your WordPress site? Have the “Strong Testimonials plugin.” It offers you multiple forms to collect and customize testimonials.

You can remove or add fields and change the placeholders & label of the field order. The plugin also offers flexible choices for users to give their feedback.

Strong Testimonials include a third-party importer that manages, imports, and automatically displays testimonials.

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