How to Increase Average Order Value on WooCommerce Store

Increase average order value on WooCommerce

Increasing the average order value (AOV) on your WooCommerce store significantly boosts your revenue without the need to attract more customers.

In this blog, we’ll explore proven strategies and insider tips to encourage your customers to spend more with each purchase.

By understanding and applying the strategies below, WooCommerce store owners can create more value per transaction, driving overall business growth. Let’s get started!

Implement Strategic Pricing Techniques

Strategic pricing is crucial for getting customers to spend more each time they shop at your WooCommerce store. Here are some pricing methods that can help boost your average order value (AOV).

Tiered Pricing Structures

Tiered pricing helps customers to purchase more items by providing a discount for larger quantities bought. For example, the more units they buy, the less they pay per unit. This strategy not only offers customers a good deal but also increases your sales.

Psychological Pricing

The way you set prices can influence how much people buy. For instance, setting prices at $9.99 instead of $10 can make items seem cheaper, which might lead to more sales. Another approach is bundling products—selling several items together at a discount.

Time-Sensitive Discounts

Creating discounts that are available for only a short time can make customers feel they need to act fast. For example, a “Buy more, save more” deal over a weekend might make customers buy in bulk, raising your average order value.

2. Create Product Recommendations

Product recommendations prove to be an effective tool for increasing the average order value (AOV) on your WooCommerce store. Here’s how to make the most of product recommendations:

Cross-Sell and Upsell Opportunities

Cross-selling means showing customers products related to what they’re already interested in. For example, if someone is buying a smartphone, you might suggest they also buy a phone case or a screen protector to go with it.

Upselling is when you suggest a more expensive or better version of the product a customer is looking at. So, if they’re looking at a basic laptop, you could recommend one with more features and better performance, which costs a bit more.

To effectively use these strategies in your WooCommerce store, you can use a WooCommerce upsell plugin which can help you create and manage upsells, cross-sells, and more to boost your average order value.

Personalizing Recommendations

Making the shopping experience personal can greatly increase AOV. Use data from your customer’s past purchases and browsing history to offer tailored recommendations.

Adding Recommendation Widgets

Putting recommendation widgets in key spots on your site can also help increase sales. You could add a “Customers also bought” section on product pages or a “You might also like” section at checkout. These suggestions can encourage customers to add more items to their carts.

3. Optimize the Checkout Experience

Improving the checkout process is key to increasing the average order value (AOV) in your WooCommerce store. Here are some ways to make your checkout process better:

Simplify the Checkout Process

Make the checkout as simple and fast as possible. This means fewer steps to finish buying, asking for less information, and making sure your website loads quickly. Features like one-click buying make the checkout faster and keep customers happy.

Upselling at Checkout

Offering additional products during checkout can boost your AOV. For example, if someone is buying a camera, you could suggest buying a memory card at a discount if purchased together. This last-minute offer can tempt customers to spend a little more.

Implementing Guest Checkout

Letting customers checkout without creating an account can make buying faster and easier, which can lead to more completed purchases. It’s good to encourage users to sign up for an account for future convenience, but having the option to skip this can increase sales.

4. Strengthen Your Customer Loyalty

Developing and using customer loyalty is an important way to boost the average order value (AOV) in your WooCommerce store. Here’s how you can strengthen customer loyalty and increase your AOV:

Creating Reward Programs

Start a rewards program that gives customers points for their purchases, which they can redeem for discounts, free items, or special services. This encourages them to shop more often and spend more on each visit.

Exclusive Offers for Returning Customers

Treat your returning customers with special care by providing exclusive offers and promotions. This could include early access to new products, special discounts, or exclusive bundles.

Engaging Through Social Media

Use social media platforms to engage with your customers regularly. Share relevant content, respond to comments, and run social media-exclusive promotions. Staying active and engaged helps build a community around your brand and strengthen loyalty.

Key Marketing Tactics to Increase AOV

By employing strategic marketing approaches, you can encourage customers to spend more each time they shop.

  • Use email marketing to reach your customers with offers encouraging larger purchases.
  • Segment your email list to target customers according to customers’ buying patterns and preferences, ensuring the offers are relevant and compelling.
  • Implementing flash sales and time-limited promotions creates a sense of urgency that can drive immediate increases in order values.
  • Work with influencers who fit well with your brand to reach new customers. Influencer’s trustworthiness makes customers more willing to make bigger purchases.
  • Create attractive bundles of products that complement each other at a discounted price compared to buying items individually. It motivates customers to buy more items in one go.
  • Implement interactive quizzes that guide customers through a series of questions to find the perfect product match for their needs. At the end of the quiz, present a curated list of products or a custom bundle that fits their answers.

Final Words

To increase the average order value on your WooCommerce store, follow these steps outlined above which can enhance customer experience and encourage larger purchases. Remember, the aim is to provide a seamless, enjoyable shopping experience that encourages customers to value and invest in your products consistently.

By continuously refining these strategies and responding to customer behavior and feedback, you can sustainably grow your WooCommerce store’s AOV and overall success. Implement these tips to start seeing a notable increase in order values and cultivate a loyal customer base that keeps coming back.

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