Top 10 proven marketing techniques to boost your WooCommerce sales

Thus, you have launched your brand new WooCommerce store, and you trust that the store will make deals. You trust that the online store will generate revenue for your business. There are a lot of unique WooCommerce marketing techniques by which online storekeepers can develop their business.

Regardless of your business objectives, you would have to buckle down for expanding your deals on the internet.

Regardless of whether your WooCommerce online store is progressing nicely, you might still need to create more gains.

Regardless of whether you are intending to begin another WooCommerce store or need to build your deals with the current online store that you’ve been running for quite a long time, you are at the right place. So keep reading!

Be it developing your email list to social media marketing strategies, you should zero in on various WordPress eCommerce strategies to make your business arrive at new statures. Utilizing a blend of various strategies can assist you with partaking in a superior ROI. With this guide, you will know how to increase WooCommerce sales and create more gains with little investment.

Top ten WooCommerce marketing strategies to increase sales

We should bounce in now to find extraordinary practices on how to increase sales by which WooCommerce storekeepers can snatch more customers and make more deals.

1. Loyalty program

You can apply a loyalty rewards program for your WooCommerce site using loyalty points and rewards plugins and hold your client’s consideration. It assists with keeping up with your existing clients and drawing in a new customer base to your WooCommerce store.

Giving compensations to loyalty points will expand the purchasing aim of the clients. They will buy all the more energetically to expand the loyalty point and win the prizes.

Increment the number of offers and set up unique deals for the loyal customer base of your online store. It is an optimal promotion strategy to support your WooCommerce deals. Clients will continue to purchase from your store to expand their loyalty points. During the course, your WooCommerce deals will increment consequently and easily.

2. Reduce cart abandonment

In some cases, a client will include a product in their cart and shall move away from their computer or gadgets. They may not return to purchase the product either because they abandoned it or because they’re thinking about a contender.

This is the reason it’s useful to get a WooCommerce plugin like Retainful that assists you with decreasing shopping cart abandonment.

Also, these incorporate plugins like Optinly that trigger offers using exit intent pop-ups when a client attempts to leave the page.

3. Email marketing

A demonstrated advertising technique that will help your WoCommerce deals is email marketing. It can fabricate an incredible connection with the clients of your WooCommerce store. You can send product-related information and updates to your clients using email at the perfect opportunity.

Your email promotion endeavors don’t end with sending messages to your customers. You ought to send messages identified with product data on each purchasing phase of your client.

Attempt to comprehend the purchasing persona of your client toward the start. At the point when a guest is anxious to find out about your brand, gather sufficient data. Send a customized email to that individual to make a purchasing expectation.

You can instruct the guests of your site moreover about your WooCommerce items. Urge them to settle on a buying choice by giving point-by-point data using email.

Once the guest knows about the items they are keen on, send them customized messages. At this stage, customized email speeds up the purchasing choice of a client.

You can provide offers and coupons to your clients through email. It pushes the clients to get benefited from the offers. The purchase becomes simpler for the clients through email promotion.

Whenever clients have settled on a purchasing choice, send them an affirmation email. You can recommend related items and interface with the clients to purchase more from your store.

You can send messages to your clients dependent on their activities on your WooCommerce site. Send customized messages to clients who left the cart without buying. It might reconnect them into purchasing the item that they have left.

4. Offer discounts

Offers and discounts are an incredible way of expanding your store’s deals. For the ideal offer, you can utilize your past promotional information and set a number that is an excessive amount to pass on for the regular guests of your site. As you share the offer coupons, you can choose the occasions you need to promote your business. And accordingly, draw in more clients to your WooCommerce based store. Be that as it may, you should pick the right platform to circulate the coupons.

This sort of offer and coupon will advance your WooCommerce business easily. It is an extremely compelling deals-boosting choice that develops your business discernibly. Using a WooCommerc offers plugin, you can likewise give offers and coupons to explicit and new clients.

5. Run a contest

Putting together a contest is an incredible way of interfacing with your clients and an extraordinary advertising system to expand your deals.

In any case, the idea of the contest is the same old thing. It has been done commonly by many large companies just as small organizations. In this way, entrepreneurs think “contests” are exaggerated. In any case, with a minor change, you can make the contest more productive than others in your industry. Rather than getting sorted out a long-extensive contest, attempt to arrange small-scale contests for your clients.

The upside of making a smaller than usual contest is that it assists you with making drawn-out publicity for your WooCommerce online store. Essentially, rather than masterminding a long-period challenge, attempt to organize week after week or even day-by-day challenges.

6. Boost up-sell and cross-sell

Upselling and strategic pitching are probably the best techniques for internet business sites. Major eCommerce store owners have been utilizing this trick to support their business for quite a long time. With an upselling system, you can sell costly items instead of the most economical items where the client didn’t expect to purchase the item.

Furthermore, with strategic pitching, you can sell the items that are identified with the ones the clients were searching for, and the clients would not like to get it in any case. This technique can multiply your benefit.

7. Free shipping

Free delivery is probably the most seasoned yet powerful technique to pull more traffic to your web-based store. You can offer free shipping to customers for their initial order, or you can open it for all orders.

For better results, you can make it free for specific regions. Or, you can set the minimum order value to get free shipping. This completely relies upon your interest group and business technique

8. Social media marketing

In this social media epoch, individuals are more active on social platforms. For instance, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The majority of the clients said that they have visited an online business site in the wake of seeing a commercial on Facebook.

That is the reason, it is more crucial to have an online media page. If you, as of now, have one, attempt to recruit a social media associate to keep the page restored with the sale, discounts, contests, and other advertising materials.

Additionally, numerous clients post their reviews via online media and inquiries about the item. At the point when you have a social media associate, he or she can address that load of inquiries regarding the item. Likewise, you can share product videos and relevant information to build traffic to your WooCommerce store.

9. Prominent call-to-action buttons

You should include a call to action button so that it’s not difficult to track down and make the buy. In case if the CTA button is in the spot where it is difficult to locate, then it is of no usage. Call to action buttons like add to cart or checkout ought to be simply under or top of the item so the client can quickly buy the product.

Also, you can utilize CSS editors to settle on your call to action button stand apart from different buttons. Likewise, try to give the essential nuances to buy the items simply over the Call-To-Action button.

10. Focus on your online store’s user experience

Your WooCommerce store is not the solitary online business site in this era of the internet. Clients will simply visit those sites that are not difficult to peruse and instructive. That is the reason to have an easy-to-use WooCommerce site. The easier to use your site is, the odds are good that guests will turn into your repeat clients and stay long on your site.


Executing any other strategy won’t build your WooCommerce deals as per your assumptions. Applying the appropriate promoting procedures at the right moment to the ideal individuals will support your WooCommerce deals. Before applying any strategies to expand your WooCommerce deals, comprehend your clients completely.

If you follow the tips, referenced above, you will begin getting extraordinary traffic and increment your benefit.

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