How to Plan Email Marketing on WordPress

Email marketing simply stands for sending your email marketing hazards straight from your personal Gmail account. Email marketing strategy is as important as a technically impulsive website to lead your business. An impetuous email marketing strategy is important to grow your business and reach your customers effectively and efficiently. It is the best way to focus on your marketing tactics and encourage audiences to become your subscriber. The simplest way to accomplish your requirement is- building the list of total emails, covert the visitors and finally send the automated marketing email sequences. The accommodations of an email marketing widget are Gmail, Mail Chimp, Zapier, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor etc. To enable the features of Email Marketing in WordPress, you should have an ActiveCovert account to take all the advantages of its feature. WordPress offers free as well as premium plans to activate Email marketing. Here are some tips to convert your ordinary website into Email Marketing via WordPress:

For all the website builders, the only goal is to expand as many audiences as they can. And the only key to expand audience is: – ATTRACT-CONVERT-CLOSE-DELIGHT.


Lead your website to attract traffic. And there are two possible ways to start getting traffic are Search Engine and Social Networking Sites.

Search engines like google can help you get powerful traffic. If your content is fully optimized, it will appear in the search result of that engine. Another way to attract people is social network. This can lead into a very powerful way to get traffic. Because nowadays every single person spend their half of life surfing social networking sites and here you can take that advantage of those people. Some plugins can let you distribute your website link automatically of your website content on various networking sites.


After getting traffic for your website, you want to get in touch with your visitors and viewers. To build a relationship with your visitors you need their emails. There are some applications to fulfill your requirements to convert your visitors into subscribers such as SumoMe. It works as an application so you need to download it once. Its tool features will let you convert your visitors into subscribers via various ways:

A. Opt-in forms: It usually appears in the sidebar or as a popup in the screen which invites your viewers to subscribe your website once they spent a particular limit of time set by you.

B. Hello Bars: Apart from the pop-up idea, Hello Bar is also a great and effective way to grab visitor’s attention. For all the WordPress beginners who wants to create a quality landing page, can use WordPress plugins like Elementor and OptimizePress. It gives you more than 20 templates of different varieties to work on your requirements.

C. Creating Forms: Creating popups and Hello bar are always been the simplest ways to connect with the traffic. But there is another option if you focus on long-term interaction with your visitors. Create form to your site via Fast Secure Contact Form Plugin. It will enable your subscribers to mail your questions, complaints, feedbacks or even send a meeting request, so you can talk over the phone.

D. Sign up Forms: Some website builders’ redirect their interested subscribers to their signup form given in your email and hosted by that platform itself just like GetResponse do. In this, subscribers will ask for some information required for your website. But too much of information may lead ignorance by the traffic. You can simply ask for First Name, Last Name, Email Address and an additional field.


Now you are all set with your emailing marketing strategy to attract traffic and then how to add them into your family. It’s time to subsistence of the emails. Numbers of free services let you mail the same email content to all of your subscribers. But the premium subscriptions supports autoresponders really make a good impression. Premium platforms include some really awesome features such as, send mail based on user’s action or a lack of action, and send special emails on birthday or anniversary. Some plugins such like, GetResponse’s Autoresponder 2.0 allows you to create triggered emails. As triggered emails are also automated if you set up wisely and craft the messaging well. It will appear like one-on-one conversation because it is important make your clients feel that, they are treated individually.

Some free Email marketing plugins for your next WordPress Blog:

1. Newsletter

Newsletter comes with a wide range of features this is why it is considered as the most popular software to setup a blog on WordPress. Some wide features include:

  • Subscription widget, Page or Custom Form
  • List of custom setting for subscribers and newsletters.
  • Responsive Email Composer
  • Unlimited Subscribers including statistics
  • Seamless integration
  • Single and Double Opt-In
  • Fully Translatable messages
  • WP Mail SMTP, Easy SMTP Mail, Easy WP SMTP, WP Mail Bank, Postman compatible

Newsletter gives you excess to the features of extension some are free and some are professional with more feature:

Free extension: These extensions can be easily accessible in the extension panel in your blog, which follows: WP Registration Integration, Locked Content, and Archive.

Premium Extension: Premium Extension will help you unlock some professional feature, in case you feel something missing. The extension follows Automated Extension, WooCommerce Extension, Report Extension and many more.

2. Email Subscribers

Email Subscribers is usually used for basic and simple Email subscription. It gives access to send HTML emails to the registered users, contact form users, comment authors, and subscribers. In this plugin registered users get an automated email update as the database fetches their information.

Here are some more plugins which have great features with some awesome functions which work efficiently for the purpose of email marketing on WordPress. The list follows ALO EasyMail Newsletter, Newsletter Plugin and WP Autoresponder and Newsletter Plugin. Above Two defined plugins has always worked great for every purpose. But these three can also work in a very simplest way just in case you find any problem with that.

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