Manage Your Affiliate Program with Leading Marketing WordPress Plugins

Affiliate marketing is a method to promote your business. In this scheme, chosen affiliates promote your brand on the web and receive the commission amount sales made by their reference. The popularity of this business model is increasing by leaps and bounds. Amazon, the world’s leading E-commerce company, uses affiliate marketing to sell multiple products every day worth millions of dollars.

To be honest, affiliate marketing is not child’s play. You have to work smartly to generate sufficient traffic to a website and create leads one after another. Many individuals bite the dust in affiliate marketing despite applying their best efforts. In order to make affiliate marketing easier for you, many plugins are available on the web. We have researched and picked some useful affiliate marketing plugins. Just have a look.

1. Affiliates Manager

You can use Affiliate Manager plugin to enhance the performance of affiliate marketing that is being conducted for E-commerce websites. It allows you to generate more traffic (to websites) and sales every day. With its help, you can manage the recruitment, registration, login process of affiliates for your online business. The plugin allows you to track all referrals made by affiliates. So, it helps in the proper distribution of common amount to deserving affiliates only.

Real-time reporting, the ability to track unlimited affiliates, manual adjustments and payouts, etc, are some great features that make this plugin stand out of the crowd. It allows you to make payments to customers via PayPal.

You can also create advertisements for your affiliates and customize messages using this plugin. It supports different languages such as English, German, French, Hebrew, Portuguese, Spanish, Bulgarian, Finnish, Dutch, Italian, Icelandic, and Polish. So, it’s a perfect plugin for affiliate marketing if want to seek immediate results.

2. Affiliates

Affiliates is a powerful and growth-oriented plugin for microsites, membership sites, sellers, shops, distributors, blogs and E-commerce website owners. With its help, you can easily commence affiliate marketing for your business and register speedy growth in a short span of time. It comes with an intuitive dashboard. It allows affiliates to market your website, products, and services in an easy way. Affiliates are free to share the website page to any web platform and get more traffic to the site.

With the help of this plugin, you have the luxury of automated affiliate registration and unlimited affiliate management sections. It helps affiliates in different business marketing initiatives and allows them to earn ample commission amount by generating more leads in less effort. You can subscribe to the premium version of this plugin to use its advanced features to increase the performance of affiliate marketing efforts.

3. ThirstyAffiliates

ThirstyAffiliates is a very useful plugin for all those WordPress website owners who want to use affiliate marketing to generate more revenues. With this plugin, they can easily manage different tasks related to affiliate marketing and ensure that everything is going as usual. The plugin creates a new pretty link for your website URL and redirects users. With its help, link management becomes an easy assignment.

You can also add images to affiliate links and make them more appealing for the targeted audience. Statics and reports help to see the progress of affiliate marketing efforts and distribute the commission amount to deserving marketing professionals only.

You can subscribe to the premium version of the plugin to enjoy the benefits of premium features such as automatic keyword linking, advanced statistics reports, geolocations, Amazon API Importing, link event notification emails, automatic link health checker.

4. YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

This is a very useful and advantageous plugin for all those folks who use Custom WordPress plugin development services to get a feature-rich plugin to manage affiliate marketing. YITH WooCommerce Affiliates free plugin is a great pal to all professional online entrepreneurs who use affiliate marketing to generate more revenues. The plugin allows you to create new affiliates directly from users who are registered to your website.

Furthermore, the plugin allows using a shortcode for affiliate registration. In the dashboard section, commission status changes automatically when the status of orders changes. You can manage all activities related to affiliate marketing and keep a close eye on the status of commission. The plugin calculates commissions, refunds and decrements. Affiliates have their own dashboard. So, they can see their performance and take all possible measures to get the desired success in affiliate marketing.

5. Affiliate Egg

It is an easy-to-use plugin for all professional Affiliate Marketing Professionals. Using this plugin, you can easily run affiliate marketing for different types of websites such as Niche thematic sites, product review websites, landing pages, etc. Affiliate Egg plugin gets installed immediately. So, you can start using it soon after successful installation. It facilitates separate product parsing, multi-product parsing of categories, search results, Autoblog, several output blocks, price update, etc. It supports different online shopping portals. It also supports proxy servers. So, use this plugin if you really want to be a successful affiliate marketer in a short-time span.

6. WordPress Video Profits Affiliate Marketing Plugin

Modern digital marketing professionals and SEO specialists actively use video marketing to promote websites and generate more leads/sales on a daily basis. If you want to increase your earning on video profiles, then choose this plugin. With its help, you will be able to monetize your videos (by running affiliate marketing).

7. WordPress & WooCommerce Affiliate Program

It is a very useful plugin to run affiliate marketing on general websites and E-commerce portals. This plugin empowers your affiliate team to increase the visibility of websites on the web, generate more traffic and create sufficient leads every day. WordPress & WooCommerce Affiliate Program plugin comes with lots of features that assist in affiliate marketing. It also helps in multilevel marketing. You can display social media icons on the shop and product page.

You can manage unlimited affiliates with the help of this plugin. Affiliates get signup bonus when someone registers on the site using the referral link. The plugin allows you to set the maximum commission limit and make the better use of resources.

Affiliates can generate coupons for their earning. It can be used while purchasing products from your website. This plugin allows you to make payments to affiliates using PayPal and get referral notifications. If you are willing to get a plugin with dedicated features/functionalities, contact any IT company that offer plugin development services.

8. Affiliate Links

Are you desperately searching for a plugin to beautify affiliate links? If yes, then you must go for Affiliate Links plugin. It allows you to create and shorten any internal or external links easily. It helps to manage partner links to affiliate websites. It also helps to boost your SEO, mask referral links, save time, and increase your revenues by leaps and bounds.

Final Words

Now, affiliate marketing is a full-fledged online business. It is the most promising and profitable business model for all those Internet Marketing experts who want to make handsome money quickly. We all know that in order to start earning pretty decent money, in any activity, you need to learn the principles and strategy of promoting your business online. They can use affiliate marketing plugins to increase their affiliate marketing skills greatly, generate more traffic and sales every day. Best of Luck!

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