5 Twitter Trends to Supercharge your Marketing Strategy in 2023

For internet users all over the world, many of us have blinked and a bazillion different social media platforms have just popped up. The original powerhouses of Twitter and Facebook, they’ve had to take a bit of a backstep out of the spotlight as other platforms have taken center stage.

However, Twitter has remained a popular platform throughout and is steadily growing. Its user base was predicted to grow by 2.4% in 2021 and 2.0% in 2022. There’s also a sizeable amount of Twitter’s audience aged between 25-34 (28.9%) and 35-49 year-olds (28.2%) making it a platform that’s enjoyed by generations beyond the newest generation which is Generation Alpha.

In this article, we’ll look at the Twitter trends that can scale up your marketing strategy this year.

Twitter statistics for businesses

Twitter has always been a prominent social media platform and whilst others have come and gone, the platform continues to do well. According to the latest figures from the fourth quarter of 2020, the platform has over 192 million daily active users.

A lot of businesses are using Twitter as a digital marketing tool, particularly B2B businesses (67%), findings which have been made by Statista.

For marketers, advertising and marketing across multiple channels are effective because not everyone online is just on one social media platform. In fact, 339.6 million people can be reached with ads on Twitter alone.

Whilst reach is important, another performance indicator that goes hand in hand with reach is engagement. For Twitter, ad engagement is also something that’s on the rise. In 2020, Twitter saw many more users engaging with ads on the platform than previously found. In fact, there was a 35% increase in total ad engagements on Twitter.

This increase in growth was something triggered by the increase in monetisable daily active users.

All in all, Twitter is still a critical player when it comes to marketers who are looking to reach and engage with their target audience. We’re likely to see some impressive social media statistics for 2023.

5 Twitter trends to supercharge your marketing strategy in 2023

So what are some of the social media trends for 2023 that you should be looking out for? There are some similar trends on Twitter that can be utilised across plenty of other platforms. Here are some of the effective trends that you can use on Twitter to supercharge your marketing strategy.

1. Utilise the Twitter shop module.

It comes as no surprise that Twitter has introduced its own shop module like so many social media platforms have done. This feature helps businesses sell through their website but also via their social media handles. This can be a great way to showcase new products and existing ones to a wider audience.

Displayed in a carousel format, it’s a great opportunity for businesses to make more from their following.

2. User-generated content is still engaging.

A lot of brands take advantage of their customer’s commitment and loyalty when it comes to content. From the average customer to influencers that love your product or service, user-generated content is a great way to maximise your marketing without it costing much if anything at all.

A lot of user-generated content is superb in quality too, sometimes a little better than professional marketing campaigns!

3. Take advantage of live-streaming.

Live-streaming is a media form that has exploded over the last couple of years. Streamers have gone beyond streaming-specific platforms like Twitch and YouTube, expanding their reach on other social media platforms that offer live-streaming.

Twitter is one of the platforms that has made it possible now to live-stream. As part of your marketing strategy this year, it’s good to take advantage of live-streaming. This could be showcasing a product, doing a Q+A, or collaborating with an influencer on a joint live stream.

For fashion brand social media strategy ideas, live-streaming is very effective!

4. Keep using hashtags.

It may seem as though hashtags have become somewhat of a useless activity but that’s far from the truth. Hashtags are still effective in their ability to provide reach and engagement when it comes to the content you post on Twitter.

As one of the social media tips for 2023, doing some hashtag research on what’s trending or performing well and relates to your content specifically, can be productive. There are a lot of online tools and platforms that you can use when it comes to hashtag research too. It’s an extra investment in terms of time and effort but it can definitely pay off in your favour when it comes to marketing campaigns.

5. Use emojis

Emojis have existed since the early days of the internet when they were used excessively in conversations and online status updates. However, they’re still popular and are something that can help with your engagement.

The use of emojis in the content that you post on Twitter can be useful to convey the message of the post when words don’t fully convey it. So with that being said, it’s definitely something that you could bring to a lot of the content you post. Just be wary of using it too much that it ends up confusing or annoying the reader.

When it comes to social media marketing predictions, Twitter is steadily making its way back into the global

Twitter plays a part in social media trends for business in 2023. If you’re a digital marketer and looking for ways to improve your strategy this year, don’t forget about the older platforms like Twitter which are still growing and providing opportunities that businesses can utilise.

Bit-sized content is on the rise across many of the social media platforms we engage with and Twitter is a perfect platform to make use of this trend in content.

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