10 Best WordPress Membership Plugins

Having a WordPress website can be a fantastic way to make money. This approach is perfect for content producers who love business but may not necessarily want to run an online store. Instead of making sales, you could provide members-only access to exclusive content.

A membership website brings more benefits than just consistent income. This model will strengthen your connection to your community and increase your credibility in terms of branding.

Learn which WordPress membership plugin works best for newly launched, medium-traffic, and high-traffic websites. You can control and schedule content and keep an eye on comments right out of the box. For a better celebration than you’ve ever had, try using the WordPress tool for a party like a birthday party, a corporate party, and other occasions.

  • The powerful WordPress membership plugin Ultimate Member has a wide range of features: It makes the entire process simpler for you and your members by allowing you to design a custom member registration and login page using conditional logic for its fields. In addition to managing the membership system, the plugin integrates JobsBoardWP and ForumWP to offer a forum and job board functionality. These two add-ons make it simpler to increase the functionality of your membership site and the ways in which it can help your users.
  • ARMember will assist you in managing multiple membership levels if you intend to have them on your website: You can create an unlimited number of membership levels with a trial period and multiple payment cycles using this WordPress membership plugin, giving potential customers a chance to learn more before committing. Additionally, ARMember supports drip-feeding members with content according to a predetermined schedule. The content restriction and pay-per-post features enable you to monetize posts or courses outside of subscription plans while also generating income from visitors.
  • Simple Membership is a simple-to-use membership plugin for WordPress sites with a user-friendly interface and a tonne of useful features: Even novices without previous web development experience can easily create a membership site. You can create an unlimited number of subscription levels for both free and paid membership plans using this plugin for membership sites. The billing options in Simple Membership are also adaptable, enabling you to charge a one-time fee or accept recurring payments for digital content like online courses.
  • WP Private Content Plus is a comprehensive tool for safeguarding your website’s content: With the powerful content restriction feature of this WordPress membership plugin, you can restrict users’ access to particular posts, pages, and custom post types depending on their login status and user role.
  • Another top-notch, free WordPress membership plugin with features on par with premium plugins is Restrict User Access: You can create an infinite number of access levels with its flexible user restriction features, which also let you send unauthorized users to a specific page or link.
  • S2Member is a strong contender if you’re looking for a well-liked membership plugin for WordPress: This plugin offers all the necessary tools, such as content restrictions and recurring subscriptions, to build a complete membership website. Using the plugin’s simple shortcode conditionals, you can adjust the content restrictions. The design of the login and registration pages, the email marketing template, and the membership options page all fall under this as well.
  • WP-Members is a different free membership plugin for WordPress sites that provides straightforward but comprehensive and functional features: This plugin has the ability to censor content, incorporate user profiles into the installed WordPress theme, and create teaser content on its own. You can design a unique registration page with WP-Members, and you can manually approve member registrations. Shortcodes and API functions allow more seasoned web developers to modify the plugin’s features to meet their specific requirements. The support website for the plugin has all of the necessary documentation.

Top 10 WordPress Membership Plugins for Premium Users

1. Paid Memberships Pro

One of the top WordPress membership plugins on the market right now is Paid Memberships Pro. The plugin has a high price for its single-site license but is jam-packed with useful features to provide the best membership experience. Its fundamental features let you restrict different content types and give subscribers a sneak peek to entice them to subscribe. You can drip-feed access to premium content based on the start date assigned to each membership level because it supports content dripping.

2. Paid Member Subscriptions

This is an easy-to-use plugin that gives many benefits. You can manage members, create subscription plans, accept member payments, and limit access to premium content using this plugin. By including the [pms-register] shortcode on a new page for member registration, this plugin can integrate seamlessly with your website. To further customize visitor access restrictions, the Paid Member Subscriptions plugin also integrates with WooCommerce. You could, for instance, prevent non-members from buying particular products or give exclusive discounts in exchange for certain subscriptions.

3. Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro is yet another top-notch WordPress membership plugin that is well worth checking out. This well-liked plugin offers simple tools for beginners who wish to create a premium WordPress membership site from scratch. Restrict Content Pro offers a customer dashboard that shows each member’s account information, including PDF invoices for each payment, to provide the best experience possible.

Restrict Content Pro allows you to create unlimited membership levels and free, trial, and paid member subscriptions, much like earlier plugins. Additionally, it allows for integration with WooCommerce and a number of payment processors, including PayPal, Stripe, and 2Checkout.

4. Woocommerce Membership

If you already use WooCommerce to build your online store, you might want to use this membership plugin. You can integrate your membership benefits with the store to promote subscriptions and purchases because WooCommerce Memberships are designed specifically for WooCommerce shops.

Essential Membership features like content dripping and restrictions are provided by WooCommerce Memberships. Additionally, you can manually assign memberships and export the member list as a CSV file.

The ability to include membership plans with product purchases is what distinguishes WooCommerce Memberships from other solutions. By giving customers better value for their money with this feature, you can increase the legitimacy of your business.

5. LearnDash

Professionals looking to monetize their expertise may want to choose this plugin. With LearnDash, you can create a complete learning portal and sell online courses more easily than any other learning management system plugin. LearnDash offers a tonne of fantastic eLearning features to create the best possible online learning environment. This WordPress plugin uses a different membership model than the others. You get to market access to a number of online courses for a one-time fee or recurring payments rather than selling subscriptions as standalone products.

6. MemberPress

You can restrict access to pages, posts, files, and even categories with MemberPress, thanks to its simple setup process and robust content restriction features. The pre-built templates allow you to customize your pricing pages without using any code.

MemberPress not only supports content dripping but also enables you to specify content access expiration dates. Additionally, the automated billing systems used by MemberPress make it simpler to grant and revoke memberships based on payments.

By supporting different WordPress forum plugins like bbPress and enabling you to create a password-protected forum, MemberPress can help you increase your membership retention rate. To promote subscriptions, you can also create and customize coupon codes.

7. WishList Member

You have complete control over the number of membership levels with WishList Member. You get to automate various actions using a logic-based system and create targeted promotions for particularly paid member subscriptions.

You can archive content to promote subscriptions in addition to limiting access to it. In this way, only subscribers who signed up before a piece of content was archived will have access to it.

8. MemberMouse

With a quick activation procedure and an easy member import feature, MemberMouse makes it simple to transfer data from another membership platform using a CSV file. You can personalize your login and registration pages and turn on the “forgot password” feature. In addition to enabling content restriction, MemberMouse also enables you to upsell exclusive content for increased revenue. Members can excerpt their favorite content and share it on social media, increasing brand exposure.

9. Magic Members

Another top-notch WordPress membership plugin with years of experience in the field is Magic Members. It includes all the essential components you need to build a membership website, including flexible membership models, content restrictions, and payment integrations. In terms of automation, Magic Members supports a number of WordPress autoresponder plugin integrations. The most well-known ones include AWeber, Constant Contact, and Mailchimp.

10. Thrive Apprentice

Thrive Apprentice is the one and only LMS plugin for WordPress that provides you complete creative control over all components of your online course. It is a potent WordPress plugin that enables you to quickly construct and administer online training courses, membership sites, and training programs, as well as quickly handle and track the advancement of your students.

To assess the knowledge of your students, create interactive quizzes. After they finish their course, reward your learners with certificates that they can customize. Directly on your website, receive cash for your lessons and membership sites.


WordPress offers basic features so that any user can quickly launch a website. Right out of the box, you can add and insert pictures and other material, manage and schedule material, assign user roles, create pages and posts, and monitor comments. As was already said, WordPress provides fundamental capabilities that allow any user to rapidly construct a website.

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